Qualified Environmental Professionals

To be a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) in BC, you are required to meet these conditions:

1) Be registered and in good standing in British Columbia with the appropriate professional association constituted under an Act for the individual’s profession. Examples of professional designations held by QEPs include registered professional Biologists, Technologists, Agrologists, Foresters, Geoscientists and Engineers.

2) When conducting assessments or working on behalf of a client, must be acting within that individual’s area of expertise and working under a code of ethics for the appropriate professional association.

Why would you want to work with a QEP?

• Ensures that you are working with someone who is trained and knowledgeable in the services they are offering, to the standard set by their professional association

• Increased confidence that you are hiring someone who is working within their area of expertise, and who will direct you to other professionals when the scope of work falls outside of their specialization

• Ensures that you are working with someone who has received training and commits to adhering to an ethical standard of conduct

• Allows you to voice concerns about service provided by an environmental professional when professional and ethical standards are not followed, with an established disciplinary process

Mainstream Biological Consulting has a number of QEPs on staff, with specializations in the following areas:

• Freshwater fish and habitat

• Wildlife

• Marine fish and habitat

• Terrestrial ecosystems

• Environmental management

Our QEPs are members of the College of Applied Biology of British Columbia.