Environmental management is a component of most new and re-development projects, whether you are building a new shed, a new dock, a new commercial office building or a new hydroelectric development. We can assist you with your environmental requirements through all phases (planning, construction and operations) of your project.


Some of our environmental management services include:

• Preparation of applications for regulatory approvals (Fisheries Act, Riparian Areas Protection Regulation, Water Sustainability Act, Environmental Management Act)

• Review of engineer designs relative to environmental compliance and best practice

• Development of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)/ Environmental Work Plans (EWPs) for construction

• Sediment and erosion control planning for construction and operational phases

• On-site environmental monitoring during construction, including water quality, acoustic monitoring for blasting / pile driving, marine wildlife observations etc

• Environmental Impact Assessment- aquatic and terrestrial environments

• Development and implementation of baseline studies

• Development of mitigation and compensation options to address identified impacts

• Development and implementation of water quality monitoring programs

• Delineation and monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas

• Post-construction and operational performance monitoring

• Habitat restoration design and monitoring

• Bird nest surveys

Here’s some examples of past projects we have worked on:

• John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project, BC Hydro (Campbell River, BC)

• Mt. Hayes LNG Facility Construction, Horton-CBI, (Cedar, BC)

• Jubilee Heights Subdivision, Mosaic (Campbell River, BC)

• Big Rock Boat Ramp Improvements, Upland Contracting (Campbell River, BC)

• Campbell River Golf and Country Club Redevelopment, Seymour Pacific (Campbell River, BC)

• MOTI Bridge Recoating Projects, various contractors (Vancouver Island, BC)

• Hub City Fisheries Discharge Permit Application, Hub City Fisheries (Nanaimo, BC)

• Esquimalt Graving Dock Re-construction, Department of Defence (Esquimalt, BC)

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