Our Team


We have a great team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals behind all of our projects. Here’s a bit more about our core team members.



Lance Stewardson, RPBio. CPESC

Lance is the co-founder of the company and serves as Project Manager and Lead Biologist, in addition to his involvement in all aspects of company operation.  His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education, both from the University of British Columbia and in a previous life Lance was a high school biology and math teacher.

Lance is primarily responsible for the marine assessment projects completed by MBC, and has extensive experience evaluating the environmental impacts associated with finfish aquaculture, outfalls and docks as well as environmental management. He excels in evaluating restoration and compensation sites to develop cost effective and environmentally sound work plans for stream crossing installations and deactivations, stream channel restoration and marine development plans. Through his successful projects, Lance has developed a reputation with regulators and clients for having a high level of success on often challenging work sites.


Monica Stewardson, RPBio. CPESC.

Monica is a co-founder and the President of MBC, and acts as the Lead Biologist for assessments conducted in the aquatic (freshwater) environment.  When not managing projects, she is also responsible for corporate development and client relations.  She has a Bachelor of Science (Animal Biology) from the University of British Columbia and an Environmental Assessment Technology Post Degree Diploma from North Island College.

Monica has extensive experience conducting freshwater fish and fish habitat assessments in coastal BC and evaluating impacts of proposed developments to that environment. Her experience with environmental management has lead to a broad knowledge of regulatory requirements and permitting processes that has been paramount in successfully obtaining approvals for a variety of development projects. Often working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, Monica is frequently tasked with providing the expertise to ensure projects are designed and implemented to ensure the best possible environmental outcome and full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Dori Manley, RPBio.

Dori has worked with MBC since 2009. She has a Bachelor of Science (Biology) as well as a post degree Diploma in Environmental Assessment Technology.  Dori leads our terrestrial assessment teams, as her areas of specialization are wildlife and wildlife habitat assessment.  As a result of working several years as a Biologist with multiple provincial agencies, Dori has a strong understanding of provincial inventory standards and regulatory requirements.   She enjoys her position due to the mix of office and field work and appreciates tackling new challenges.

Jess Newman, RPBio

Jess worked as a field biologist in various capacities in the northwestern US and Alberta for ten years before moving to Campbell River in 2016. She earned her Bachelor of Science (Biology) from the University of Alberta.  Jess has several years experience conducting fish population inventories and habitat assessments, as well as working as an Environmental Monitor during instream construction. She enjoys the variety of the work at MBC and appreciates the mix of office and fieldwork that keep both the brain and body active and allows her to get out and explore the island.


Ben Wells, RBTech

Ben served 26 years in the Royal Air Force before finding his way to Mainstream in 2014.  He has a Bachelor of Science and a diploma in pollution control. Since joining our team Ben has developed a solid set of field skills for conducting environmental assessments and often acts as an on site Environmental Monitor for construction and instream projects.  Ben appreciates the opportunity to work in the great outdoors in a career that helps to keep the outdoors great.