Our Approach

Providing professional, reliable and proactive service is of utmost importance to staff and management at Mainstream Biological Consulting Inc. Our first step is to listen to the needs of our clients and evaluate those needs with respect to their environmental responsibility. We then act to provide the information, advice and services our clients need to meet their environmental and regulatory requirements. Our compact operation also provides our clients with direct and timely access to our knowledgeable staff.

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Excellence in all aspects of our work is ensured through the following practices:

  • Adherence to accepted assessment standards and protocols
  • Taking a team approach to projects that utilizes the specific strengths and experience of our in-house staff
  • On-going professional development




Safety and Environment


Safety of our team and others working or playing around our operations is a top priority at Mainstream Biological Consulting Inc. Safety is promoted for all field operations through our in-house Occupational Health and Safety Program that includes a training manual and regular safety meetings. Project specific safety plans are developed and reviewed with field crews prior to starting all new projects. In addition, our staff maintain certifications to ensure they are working safely in the field including first aid, electrofishing, boat operations and swiftwater rescue.


In recognition of our impact to the natural world, Mainstream Biological Consulting Inc. is committed to reducing our corporate environmental footprint as a company and as individuals. Mainstream Biological Consulting actively seeks out opportunities and encourages staff to identify ways to improve our workplace and work habits.





Proactive measures include recycling, responsible use of consumable materials such as paper, installation of motion sensors to control lighting in the office and reducing water use. Stormwater run-off from our corporate office property is reduced through the use of gravel surfacing in the parking area. Staff members frequently commute through cycling and carpooling.